Description:       Douglas Fir Lumber

Species:           Douglas Fir

Grades:            #1, #2

Sizes:               2 X 4, 2 X 6, 2 X 8,
                       2 X 10, 2 X 12 & al.

Lengths:           8', 10', 12' 14', 16' & al.

Availability:       Canada, USA

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The Exceptional Properties and Benefits of Douglas Fir Plywood Panels

  • Should be widely available as construction lumber for a modest price.
           Old growth or reclaimed boards can be much more expensive.

  • Douglas-Fir is very stiff and strong for its weight, and is also among
           the hardest and heaviest softwoods.

  • Typically machines well, but has a moderate blunting effect on cutters. Accepts
           stains, glues, and finishes well.