Description:       Southern Yellow Pine

Species:           Southern Yellow Pine

Denses:            #1, #2, #3, Economy

Sizes:               2 X 4, 2 X 6, 2 X 8,
                       2 X 10, 2 X 12 & al.

Lenghts:           8', 10', 12' 14', 16' & al.

Availability:        Canada, USA

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The Exceptional Properties and Benefits of SYP

  • Superior Strength and Stiffness
          Southern Yellow Pine is reputed to be the strongest softwood structural timber species. Design values for
          Southern Yellow Pine are the highest of all commonly used wood species.

  • Cost Savings
          Southern Yellow Pine is competitively priced because of abundant timber supply, manufacturing expertise,
          and established market preference. By choosing SYP, you can reduce the amount of timber required,
          resulting in significant cost savings.